Thursday 10 April 2014

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress."

Being a stay at home parent is amazing it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done and the time I have with Opeie is cherished. Along with Mrs M and Seth he is my best friend. Spending the bulk of your time with a three year old though does come with minor disadvantages. When everyone is happy and all smiles it's amazing but when things are playing on your mind, your life's having bouts of negativity or your upset, the day times (especially when Opeie is napping) can sometimes feel a little lonely. 

Last night our friend Lucie text to ask how we were in light of things that had been going on, Seth's operation etc and asked if I fancied meeting up this morning, I jumped at the chance. Opeie is the best entertainment I could possibly ask for but sometimes I really need some adult conversation. I tend to avoid friendships with moms I meet in fear of upsetting over protective partners, it's happened in the past and I didn't like the way it made me feel. There are a couple of you moms out there that I really get on with though which is lovely and Lucie is one of them.

We arranged to meet up at Apley woods for a walk about and to let the kids have a run about together. Even though it's not far away I'd never been but I knew the fresh air and adult conversation would do me some good. Lucie has recently joined the blogging world also and writes Magee and Magoo so we got to talk about writing, life, parenting and general chit chat. It was such a nice change and Opeie and Mrs Magee loved exploring together.

Apley woods is great for walking about, its quiet and tranquil and there is plenty to explore if you're in an adventuring mood, there are carved sculptures dotted about, a lake with ducks and plenty of trees to climb if that's your thing.

As i said before the meet was well needed and did wonders for my sanity but it was clear that Opeie needed it just as much as i did. He loves being at nursery, spending time with his friends and today was no different. I forget sometimes that Opeie needs time around children his own age and getting to run around with Mrs Magee today was lots of fun for him.

Here's to many new adventures with our friends.


Unknown said...

What a touching post. It was great to meet up too. Love the photos. Glad it lightened the day for you x

Rebecca Beesley said...

lovely photos - great that you have that friendship and that the kids seem to get on so well too.