Saturday 19 April 2014

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."

Seth is always letting us know of little things he wants to do, things he wants to create or places he'd like to go. We do our best to fully indulge him when he has these ideas and today's trip to Apley woods ticked another one of those things off his ever growing list. He's become a big fan of Bear Grylls and his need for exciting exploits is growing stronger by the day. So as we investigated the woods today the surrounding area kick started our sense of adventure.

Seth doesn't like walking on the path he prefers to be in the thick of the woods which I love. There was Huge branches everywhere and before we knew it we were building a shack in the woods to protect us from the elements

Seths motivation and excitement for this sort of thing is infectious and watching Opeie get involved copying everything his big brother does is adorable. It was great watching them dragging big branches around.

Our den in the woods started to take shape pretty quickly and Seth was clearly in his element. Seth guided us all the way  explaining that we needed branches with leaves on to go on top so that we were more protected from any rain that might be coming our way. Seth Grylls and little bear were both really proud of what they achieved and rightly so it was a great den.

We then headed off further into the woods when something strange happened. A lady stopped me me and said 'I know you, I read your blog' which I thought was amazing. I always wonder who's reading and to be stopped by someone was really nice so hi Jo and Nerys, if you're reading this it was really nice meeting you. 

Seth fancied having a go at climbing trees but he really struggled bless him so instead I lifted him up on to a tree so he could get a feel for being off the floor. We've got some work to do if the wants to be like his idol.

On the way back to the car Seth wanted to swing by the den to see if anyone was playing in it and also wanted to take a picture himself of his achievement. I think he was feeling pretty proud of what he had accomplished.

As he had the camera in his hand and Opeie as always was happy just standing next to his big brother and holding his hand I took the chance to balance up a fallen tree and gave Seth the chance to use his creative flair with my phone.

Apparently this was Seths action shot.

By the time we had got back to the car we had only been out two hours, yet we had crammed all that adventuring in. I think we'll head there again next week to see if our den had withstood the weather or to see if it is now home to a new group of fellow adventure seekers.