Tuesday 1 April 2014

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no job more important on the planet than being a mom."

I love Mother's Day, I love being able to celebrate Mrs M and all the amazing things she does. She always puts us first and always makes it so clear how much she loves us I feel so lucky to have her in my life and I would never take that for granted. Although sometimes she can feel a little pushed out when were doing our boy thing I know that if there's ever even a slight mention of cuddles the boys are all her, I completely understand though, I'm quite partial to a bit of her affection myself.

Mother's Day is a great way for the boys to make a fuss of mommy and despite us celebrating Opeie's birthday yesterday too he must have said 'happy mothers day' at least 50 times. They really do love their mom. Mother's Day preparation started around a week a go and although our house is full of craft stuff the boys were excited to see a new box of craft items for our little creative session.

Me and Opeie had used the bits to make mommy an I love you card a week ago to so we've made good use of it. we made her a sheep out of buttons, combining two of her loves, sheep and textile related things.

The boys wanted to make a Mother's Day card each and I also made one too because I wanted her to know just how much I appreciate her as a mom. I really couldn't ask for a better mother for our two boys she is a truly amazing woman. So production started and the boys were loving anything with a sticky back. I decided to use some pages from a Dr. Seuss book and hand sewed some buttons on. In keeping with Dr. Seuss Seth made a Truffula tree on his card which was very cute.

Cards made and gifts wrapped we hid them away and waited patiently for the mommy celebration to begin. 

As expected Mrs M was all smiles and couldn't get enough of her little boys yesterday. It's so lovely to be reminded every day just how much me and boys clearly mean to her as she truly is the most important person to us and we would do anything we can to make sure she is as happy as can be.

Happy Mother's Day Mrs M we are all so smitten by you xxx

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Rebecca Beesley said...

what fabulous cards - I love the 'i love ewe' idea! x