Thursday 24 April 2014

"Cunning... is but the low mimic of wisdom."

This week i heard the postman walking up the path and the sound of a Graze box hitting the floor, We have a few delivered throughout the month as the boys love them and they are something a little more interesting for them to munch on. This weeks box though did more than fill a void between meals. I opened the box and instantly, all the inspiration i needed for our next Fox hunting blog post.

As with all the other Foxy posts weve been collecting pictures of the foxes we find for the last month or so and they seem to pop up all over the place.

At a recent trip to our friend Chris', the word 'Fox' was even used in a game of Scrabble...

Charity shops have been a great resource on this fox hunt with Fox related books and cuddly toys popping up regulary. We brought a great book from a charity shop a few weeks back and inside was a fox on a skateboard, very fitting i thought.

On another trip to our friend Chris' house we popped into a cute little fabric shop, Mrs M being the textile enthusiast did a little shopping for ric rak and other fun bits and i investigated with the boys and we found this lovely fox fabric.

And as we rounded the corner after leaving we spotted a window display with Fox hooks and fox book ends. I wonder what our house would look like if i brought all these fox items we find.

On the day that me and Opeie went out adventuring and wrote our Gruffalo post, Opeie spotted these foxes in the gardening section and shouted 'Fox' really loud when he saw them.

Ive walked past this building loads of times but it wasn't till a week or so ago that i realised that our local services company had a fox for their logo, there's no escaping our sly friend.

While making a bee line for the Lego at the toy shop, Seth spotted Mr Todd staring back at us and shouted 'Fox'. Every time i hear the shout it makes me chuckle that our family fox hunt has become such a big thing, but i love that we have these little personal games that keep us entertained.

Mrs M is a stationary geek so while we were in Paperchase buying some fun bits for Mrs M's mothers day gifts i again heard that load shout from up on my shoulders 'Fox', I'm sure people think were mad but i love it, maybe we are a touch crazy.

And last but not least a wheelie bin, It was actually the first fox we found after our last fox post but as its so glamorous i thought i would leave it till last for you all to enjoy.

Well that was the last until we just had a busy foxy two weeks, so here's the update:

Our recent trip to London secured us four fox sightings at the Museum of childhood...

...and a very cute fox card off Mrs M.

I hate being stuck in traffic but last week it worked out to our advantage when a Fox pulled up along side us. Its these chance sightings that really make this game fun.

I imagine Opeie to end up like that little boy from You've got mail "can you spell cat?" "F..O..X!". While Seth was at one of his medical appointments a couple of weeks back, me and Opeie went adventuring and found our biggest Fox to date...

Fox on a beer bottle a second helping from those fox lovers at graze box and that definitely brings us to the end of what i think is our 5th fox hunt, were getting quite good at this. Until next time you sly lot.


Rebecca Beesley said...

I love your 'themed' posts - so creative! x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thank you, i love how the fox thing is still going. fox sighting always make our days out that little bit more fun xx