Thursday 24 April 2014

"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle."

I love it when a new product is released that changes the balance of things in the market or makes it clear that they are there to topple their big named rivals. After being asked to review the new BOOMco Twisted Spinner and giving it a try Ive a feeling that Nerf are in panic mode. Having two boys the need for running about and shooting things at each other was bound to come up at some point. We had always bought Nerf because they monopolised the market. That was until we bought one of the larger guns last year and all it did was chew up and destroy the darts. Absolutely no fear of this happening though with BOOMco.

This product is AMAZING! I knew it from the moment we opened the packaging and fired the first dart as it's got so much power that the dart vanished and we've not seen it since, despite looking Everywhere. The push pull handle to load and fire is far superior to anything else we've played with from a blaster. As I said before the power in the blaster really shocked us so goggles whilst playing is a must. It wasn't until we got outside and played though that we realised the true potential of this great new product.

Last weekend we decided to take the blaster out with us on a picnic with friends and having a huge amount of space meant that we could really see what the blaster was capable of. I'd love to say the boys really enjoyed playing with it but play seemed to be dominated by us over excited adults, especially our friends Chris and Katie who were really getting in to playing with the boys.

The range on the box says up to 70ft and honestly I don't think that was far off the distance we fired it so clearly we were all very impressed. 

I'd have loved to have had another three that day as the quick loading and speedy multiple fire would be great for battle. But while one of us took aim the rest of us waited patiently for a chance to attack.

If blasters and play combat are your thing there really is no product better or at least not one that we've found. Even though the design, load/reload speed and smooth firing are exceptional the thing that really blew me away but is also still confusing me is the stickiness of the smart stick darts to the targets provided. The darts arnt sticky at all yet there is some extreme attraction to whatever material the targets are made from which has been awesome for target practise, again I would love to try out a few of these in a play combat kind of environment to see the targets on the side of the blaster put to their full use.

BOOMco seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment and are at the front of the store in all of our local toy stores and supermarket toy aisles. Clearly the marketing team are doing a great job with this exciting new release and all though many new products come and go once these blasters are played with you're hooked. Effortless and fun play, you won't hear a single negative word said by us. BOOMco are here to stay.

Sadly the boys were left thinking 'when is it our go?'


Rebecca Beesley said...

How cute is that photo of opeie at the end! That toy sounds fab. Have to admit it is usually daddy that gets more time playing with our nerf guns compared with the kids so the Boomco one is one for us to lookout for!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

i would definitely recommended them, they are so much better than the Nerf guns we own xx