Monday 9 June 2014

"Even pearls are dark before the whiteness of his teeth."

We've been worried about Opeie's teeth for some time due to stains on his front teeth. We had no idea why they were there as the boys are really good at taking care of their gnashers and we NEVER have fizzy pop and Sweets and Chocolates are not something they have a lot. Not because we are militant about their diets but because they are happy having fruit and other healthy alternatives. Last week we were booked in for our 6 month check up and i had made Opeie his first appointment to try and get him used to going.

The few days building up to it he seemed really excited about going and being one of the big boys but on D-Day the mood changed and he decided "i don't need to go to the dentist". We picked Seth up from school and drove to our appointment and Opeie seemed a little relaxed and excited as we sat in the car and brushed our teeth (a little pre-appointment ritual that we started when Seth had his first visit). When we got in to the Surgery Opeie was back to square one so i told him 'maybe you could just sit in the chair today?' that was enough to set him off in to floods of tears so i told him we would leave it for that day.

After me and Seth had had our mouths fished around in i picked Opeie up for us to leave and the Dentist said to Opeie 'would you like to give me a big smile and show me your teeth?' Opeie happily obliged and then Opened his mouth too so that the Dentist could see what teeth had come through and to give me some peace of mind that his teeth were in fact fine and also to confirm that the reason his teeth are stained is most probably because of Mrs m being so ill during the pregnancy, which is something we had thought, Phew.

We may not have got Opeie in the chair but the most important part was that he got his pegs looked at. I'm so proud of him he was a really brave boy!

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