Sunday 15 June 2014

"My common sense is tingling."

Having Seth as my Lego right hand man makes building so much more interesting. I love hearing his ideas, seeing what hidden details he comes up with and seeing the look of excitement on his face when we are discussing our construction. When we are planning a bigger build I like to get Seth to draw a sketch of the plans to work from, it's one of my favourite parts of the build. 

Back at Easter I wrote a post about our Lego Easter hunt, rather than bombard the boys with chocolate I bought the Lego Deadpool kit and seperated it between empty plastic eggs. It was something they really wanted and personally I'd rather get them something like that than uneccessary amounts of chocolate. The kit spurred on our next big build and Seth got sketching straight away, designing the schematics of the building.

Once Seth had fully explained his vision we got to work, putting together a large base plate and the front fascia first. We always tend to start with the front as it gives us a good idea of how big the thing is going to be. We built this in a similar style to the Joker ice Cream parlour that we built last year because having the big open top area is great for the boys when playing.

Seth wanted the fascia to look like the head of the Lego Deadpool minifigure but with a drawbridge style door and a hidden entrance in the neck, a great start to our build. The idea was to build Deadpools armoury. A haven for badguys to get hold if all the weapons they need for whatever badness they are unleashing on Super Hero City.

Dr Octopus was the most likely choice for sales assistant due to all those arms. Seth designed a weapon cabinet for behind the till and wanted cupboards with drawers in for weapon storage.  

To the rear of our creation and the more fun part to build was Deadpools living quaters. Seth had so many great ideas for this part of the build that shamefully we had to miss a couple of the things out because of lack of room. Apparently Deadpool needed an area that he could keep an eye on his shop as we all know bad guys can't be trusted.

This section of the build was where Seth let his creative juices run wild. It all started at the rear of the build and with Deadpools bedroom. Seth wanted it to look like a normal bedroom but with a couple of hidden doors into other sections of the build.

My favourite part of the build is the bed, Seth knew exactly what he wanted and came up with an genius way to make that happen. He remembered the bed from his very first Lego kit a few years back, the Lego city police station. the bed in the cell raised up and underneath there was a crowbar hidden ready for a little prison break. Seth wanted to make something similar but instead of a hidden item, an entire hidden room, a base of Operations for his beloved minifigure. I was tinkering around with lego ladders and stairs trying to make them fit when Seth handed me a much more interesting idea that he had made himself.

As part of the bedroom Seth also wanted to add in a sliding bookcase for a quick getaway.

the next room over from the bedroom is the kitchen/lounging area and a way for Deadpool to keep an eye on his business.

 And then next door to that, something Seth adds in to every building that we build, toilets. This time his and hers matching toilets 

And with each Lego toilet that we build, they also come with trap doors into jail cells below.

 Of course its always the Super hero girlfriends that get caught and locked up. Poor Pepper Potts and Mary Jane Watson left to live out their days in a holding cell. Luckily Seth being the gentleman that he is added an escape hatch in to the build...

The boys were close by though and with a quick costume change they were off to save their ladies..

Seth made sure that there was a garage in the build as he told me how important it is to always have a get away vehicle close by when you are a baddie.

 With all the illegal goings on happening within the shop it was obvious that eventually things would start to get out of hand, especially seeing as Dr Octopus left the gun cabinet unattended..

Luckily in Super hero City wherever theres a villian there are heroes just around the corner waiting to do what they do best...

We had so much fun building this and it has already spurred on another big idea which i think we will start building soon, I'm going to need to get Seth sketching his ideas first. The great thing about this build is that it is so strong and the boys can happily play out their stories without fear of it falling apart. Lets just hope Seth doesn't fall on this one like the great Jokers Lego Ice Cream Parlour disaster of 2013.

And when we had finished with our characters we had built a storage box on top of the fascia to put all our minifigures away (yes when it comes to Lego we think of everything).

Stay tuned for more of our creations...



Em @ snowingindoors said...

What an amazing build, Why haven't Lego discovered you and offered you a highly paid job designing new kits for them? I am amazed at how you guys think these things up, let alone make them in real life!
I love that you always include toilets, it's the little touches like that, that make it for me! Well done team xx

Bob @ Chivalrous said...

What an awesome build! I would have absolutely loved something like this when I was younger - wolverine and spider man are my favorites! Fantastic post :)


GiftsFromThePirates said...

Hey Bob, thanks for the comment. I love LEGO It's the best toy ever, i get some serious quality time spent with the boys when we are creating. Glad you liked the build, I'm a bug spidey fan too.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Hi Em, Thanks for the comment. I think if i were a designer for LEGO I'd put them out of business, i use far to many pieces on a build haha. Hows Annie getting on with the LEGO? we could do with a new team member x