Wednesday 4 June 2014

"Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."

I felt exhausted yesterday after Opeie woke up at 3am and was suffering with some sort of ear pain. We went in to the lounge and Opeie wore Mrs M's ear muffs for a while which was making him feel better. It was no surprise at that time of the morning I really didn't have much of an idea what was going on, I'm a really deep sleeper so when I'm up at that time my limbs may be working but the rest of me resembles someone in a coma. So it was no surprise that before I knew it it was 7am and I was waking up to Mrs M hovering above me with a camera.

Opeie was shattered and i wasn't feeling great but we had made plans to meet up with our friends Lucie and Mrs Magee from over at Magee and Magoo and i was really looking forward to a good catch up. We had planned to meet at Weston park, despite it being basically on our doorstep we had never actually been but had heard lots of great things. Yesterday was their 50th birthday and to celebrate the entrance fee was 50p to get in which was great.

Lucie was also meeting with her friends Cathy and Jessica who were lovely and it was great to have a little group to chat with while having a wander around. I made the classic school boy error and forgot to pick up a map, Luckily Lucie had been a little more organised and was ready to guide us around the park.

The park was beautiful with lots of colourful flowers, sheep and a relaxing feel to the place

Last week i was having a chat with one of the moms from the nursery about Weston park and Opeie managed to catch the words 'Zip wire' so those two words were his driving force yesterday morning for getting to the play area. After walking around a little chatting we had made it to the play area and Opeie wasn't disappointed. It reminded me of a children's play version of the Ewok village in Star Wars with big wooden climbing areas and layered cabins built up around tree trunks.

It was great to see Opeie playing with the other children and chatting to the other moms. I do worry sometimes that he's not socialising enough even then we do take him to different things throughout the week. There's nothing to worry about though, he's confident, friendly and polite and has no problem talking to others.

The playground dominated the rest of our time there and the kids were fully entertained which was great. Opeie made me chuckle when he told me "daddy, Jessica has got really pretty shoes!" A possible fashion lover in the making.

It was soon lunch time and as with most places we go out to, the cafe didn't look to be offering anything suitable for Opeie to eat so we headed home for a bite to eat, a cuddle and some books, followed by a nap for the little climber.

After Opeies nap we headed over to see nanny and grandand for a while before picking Mrs M up. Opeie took a big box of toys and educated nanny on what all the superheroes were called. I love taking a step back when I'm there as it's really lovely to see Opeie playing with them, he really loves his nan and grandad and rightly so they are extremely lovable people.

So a pretty great day yesterday, fun with friends and family and a very happy little chap.

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