Monday 9 June 2014

"That's it! You can attack me, you can call me names, but no one --NO ONE-- touches my blaster!"

Even now as a thirty something there is still an overwhelming exciting feeling that I get about going to the toy shop, especially when it's for something specific. It helps that I'm a geek when it comes to action figures and Lego as I can fully be a part of the boys excitement. It takes me back to how I used to feel as a child seeing toys piled higher than I can reach. Difference is now I can have what I want and don't need to bat my lashes and use my cute face (unless of course it's Mrs M's payday week haha).

As an adult toy shopper there is so much more to the experience than locating your toy, paying and getting it home quick to play. As a toy buyer that's also a collector of sorts I want information as well and need to know that there are people on hand to help me out which is what I love about our local Smyths store in Telford. We had been waiting for months for the new Guardians of the galaxy Lego kits to come out and there didn't seem to be a clear release date online but as I went window shopping last week Seth spotted the new X-men Lego kit on the shelves and we both got VERY excited. Seeing our excitement one of the staff called Steve approached us and said those magic words 'have you seen the other three new marvel kits? They will be on the shelf in three days'. Which he then placed in front of my Lego hungry eyes. I was speechless, Opeie shouted 'Rocket Racoon and Seth smiled from ear to ear. 

Now that is the kind of perfect interaction you want from toy store staff. I got talking to both Steve and the supervisor Sean and it was so nice to go into a toy store and chat with knowledgable staff that are passionate about the products. We talked about what was in store and they showed me all the new relevant products and because I had that information, on Sunday morning I was standing outside of the store before it was open waiting to fully indulge my nerdy side.

I generally hate shopping due to customer service these days, but these guys have got it right. Full interaction and a fountain of knowledge for up and coming products and releases, Awesome. All this new Lego and we couldn't wait to get it home and start playing. Already being a huge Lego fan, when they bring out kits like this im am fully in my element and the boys love anything that i was in to before they were part of my life so they get really excited too.

 The kits are amazing and the Milano Spaceship unlike most of the kits that we buy will stay built and on display in the boys room. As always though its all about the minifigures. Being such a huge fan of the comics and all things Marvel these have been an amazing addition to our ever expanding Lego collection.

I wonder what will be waiting for us in store the next time we visit Smyths.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

good to hear you found a good toy store there. My boys have had the LEGO out lots over the past couple of days - J even used it as inspiration for his D-Day homework!!! x