Wednesday 18 June 2014

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

This great weather we have been having makes all the difference to how we plan and spend our days. When the weather is bleak we can easily waste an hour or two in the morning deciding whether to venture out or not. When the sun is out though as soon as we've dropped Mrs M and Seth off we either head out on our adventures or we're making the most of the garden.

A couple of weeks back we met up with Opeie's friend at Cosford air museum. While we were waiting for our friends we filled our pockets up with stones from the rockery, oops. Opeie had been asking to paint rocks for a couple of days and these were just the sort of rocks we were looking for. So by 9am yesterday we were in the garden and all set up for a morning of painting and craft. I asked Opeie if there was going to be a theme and he said 'Mario'. The little Picasso knew exactly what he was doing and began to flick paint around everywhere.

I on the other hand was guided by Opeie explaining exactly what he wanted out of me (he's a very demanding artist). The weather was glorious and it was such a lovely creative morning. Opeie painted a Yoshi rock and I painted Mario's overalls on a rock.

Opeie then told me I needed to paint Mario's head while he painted a rock white to create Drybones. Ever since working with Nintendo Opeie has become a proper little Mario nut. It's always lovely to see the things I love rubbing off onto him, he's a real mini me.

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