Saturday 14 June 2014

'The Dark Knight Rises' and takes over most of our day.

It seems that today has been pretty much dominated by 'Batman'. The caped crusader pops up on a regular basis during our week in many different ways. This time last year Seth was building an extensive collection of Fisher Price Batman Imaginext which we started after trip to Smyths, It's all he talked about and the collection grew and grew. When we were in Florida back in November we stumbled across lots of them in Target that were 'Target Exclusives' and it rekindled the boys love. Santa also included one of the toys that Seth didn't have. We hadn't taken all of the Imaginext out at once in quite some time so i was pretty shocked when Opeie asked for it all out today and i realised the extent of the boys collection.

As far as younger children's Super hero figures go, this is one of the best ranges released. Boasting a great selection of characters, vehicles, buildings and accessories. The action figures are cute and unthreatening with happy faces and bright colours, perfect for younger super hero entusiasts.

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