Monday 27 October 2014

"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort."

I often think about what the pitter patter of a new pair of tiny feet would be like around the house and both me and Mrs M are broody a lot of the time. I didn't for one second think that the next pair of feet in the house would actually be two pairs. For the past few years Mrs M has been going on about getting a cat but over the last few months she was bordering on crazy cat lady status.

Every time she mentioned having a cat, text me a picture of one looking cute or explained how she thinks she's part cat (yes she's crazy), I usually just shrugged it off, that or gave her a list of reasons why not to have one. It's not that I'm not an animal lover I'm just not big on pets for various reasons.

The pressure for a feline sidekick was reaching it's peak though and it was clear that it was inevitable we would at some point be getting a cat. The situation multiplied exponentially when I befriended a real life crazy cat lady called Tabiitha (who has 5 cats), after that there was no turning back.

After finding out about Mrs M's 'lack of cat' predicament, I think Tabiitha made it her mission to get a cat re-homed and in to our house and to be fair it didn't take her long at all. Especially after I received this picture message one morning of a beautiful cat that needed re-homing, even I fell in love with her. We called the owner to arrange a visit and a few weeks back as we were travelling back from a weekend in London we took a detour armed with a pet carrier.

The owners were looking to re-home Polly but had already turned two families away as they didn't think they were the right family for their well loved cat. Obviously because of that we were a little nervous/anxious about the visit. Mrs M had fallen in love and i was really warming to the idea of having a new family member. There really was no need to worry though, we all got on great and spent some time at their home chatting about life (and of course cats).

That afternoon we took her back to her new home. The look on Mrs M's face was priceless and having a cat in the house seems to have really changed her for the better. I also think that coming home to her after a busy day at work is quite relaxing for her. Polly was quite scared for the first week or so which was understandable being taken from her home. I've avoided writing this post until now as I didn't want to spend the first week waving a camera in her face.

She's settled in now and she's one of the family, sleeping at our feet and rubbing noses with Opeie. I was so against having a cat but last week I text Mrs M while she was at work to apologise for all the feline negativity before we got her because I adore how she makes everyone in the house smile and Opeie has clearly got a new best friend which is amazing. She was a little dubious at first when it came to the boys but she follows Opeie about now. One of the things that i think is adorable is that when Opeie wakes up sometimes he is a little teary and Polly responds to him crying by finding him and meowing, it's adorable

Not the tiny feet I had been longing for but honestly I couldn't pick a more adorable fluffy child to fill that void. Polly is one of us now and we feel so lucky to have been the ones to re-home this little beauty. Meeeeeoooooooow!

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