Thursday 2 October 2014

"Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice."

I seriously need to catch up on whats going on in LEGO Chima, the last time we watched it Cragger was doing everything he could to get one over on Laval but when we opened the box to the Laval's fire Lion kit that we were sent it was clear that they are now best buddies and are even shopping at the same clothes store. This kit looked awesome and we couldn't wait to get building.

The usual building rules applied and Opeie got stuck in straight away with the minifigures and who could blame him opening the bigger of the three characters first. Mungus is a great minifigure and since getting the larger Hulk and Green goblin minifigures from the LEGO Marvel heroes range the boys had been desperate for some more larger characters. Mungus was built and put to one side but as he watched the boys building, he set in to motion evil plans to defeat Laval and Cragger.

The boys, unaware of their possible impending doom continued to follow the instructions for Laval's Fire Lion. Seth was really in to this kit as it combines the standard LEGO with pieces and joints from the LEGO Technics range. The kit was a little more intricate but the boys loved that as it took them longer to build and they really felt like they were achieving something because of the extra effort needed.

Mungus watched on and as the Fire Lion was being built he realised he had probably bitten off more than he could chew and wasn't going to stand a chance against the boys, this huge Fire Lion and his two Chima hero counterparts.

The pieces soon started to come together and Opeie and Seth were getting excited about the end result. I was eyeing up all the bright orange pieces for future builds as we hadn't got any LEGO in that shade until we bought the Guardians of the Galaxy kits a few months back. I love building the kits with the boys but I'm always planning what I'll be using the parts for further down the line. The hand pieces were my favourite from this kit so I'm sure I'll be using those soon.

Despite being able to see the size scale on the picture on the box between the vehicle and minifigures the end result seemed a lot bigger than I expected. With 450 pieces to put together it did take the boys the best part of an hour and a half to build but the grabbing claw mechanism and the weapon that shoots out four missiles at a time made this kit a really interesting build.

Mingus didn't stand a chance and attempted to make a speedy get away followed closely by the heroes. With the Fire Lions grabbing action and snapping jaws Mungus had soon been captured and the CHI was safe. Seth loved the mechanisms on this kit, because of his muscle condition he can find using some of the smaller joints and accessories fiddley but operating the levers on this kit were a lot easier due to the size.

Apart from a few minifigures and the Gorilla Legend Beast set this is the first large set we have had from the Chima range but after looking more in to the great range released recently i think that Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper is definitely making its way onto one of our letters to Santa.

The good guys win again, I think its about time the bad guys win in one of these posts, but until next time, happy building.

For the full LEGO chima range click here.

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