Sunday 26 October 2014

"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."

Hi its Seth I haven't written a post in ages so I decided to write about my LEGO castle I made.
The door at the front is made out of circle pieces because I didn't want to use a door. Through the door there is lots of rooms but first I am going to write about level1. Level 1 doesn't have much in but you can put lots of treasure in it. If you go up the stairs to level 2 that is where you will meet the guards, they are guarding the castle where all the treasure is kept.

In side level 2 there is a treasure storage room there isn't a lot in there. Next to it there is a big jail sell inside it there is bad guys and a bridge. On the bridge there is ropes like a draw bridge.

The canon is to stop enemies attacking it .There is a secret hatch so you can get up and down the steps.

The top is my favourite because it looks like a tree house.

This picture shows that I built it (I love how Seth is making it clear that its his work, they are definitely not the hands of a hand model) .To finish the build i added in lots of minifigures like knights, soldiers, jester, queens guard and a naked viking. even though the guards are good at guarding the castle some soldiers manged to sneak in.

The royal guard dosen't look happy.

The king is guarding the castle on his horse.

This is the castle done on the front.

This is a look out tower where the troopers look from, Indiana Jones is keeping watch.

I'm really proud of how it came out and i am now building a pizza shop which i will write about soon. bye x

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