Wednesday 8 October 2014

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

I wish I could be a child again, if only for a day. As adults we are hardened to many things and don't see the excitement in the small things around us. But as a parent to two young boys you get a glimpse into this way of looking at life. Last weekend we were all having breakfast at a hotel and Opeie got really excited about the Elephant he saw in his fruit compote, it may not be something that many people would be entertained by but from a creative side of parenting this sort of thing really makes me smile as i love the boys innocence...

I'd love to see things through their eyes, it reminded me of the Christmas themed post I wrote last year (which is actually one of my favourite posts I've written).

On the other side of our breakfast table was Seth, his enthusiasm for the machine that in his words 'plopped out pancakes' was infectious. I love seeing the boys smiling from ear to ear about these little things because to me it means that are happy children. Especially with Seth as sometimes he can be a little stressy (but we do understand why).

I like to think that with many things i can play at their level and fully get involved with what they are doing but its little things like this that are continuously teaching me to relax and and take in the small, sometimes insignificant beauty around me, thanks boys. xx

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