Wednesday 29 October 2014

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

Inspired by the recent Golden Brickies and secretly being entertained on an unhealthy level by Mrs M's competitive nature I thought it would be a fun idea this week to have a build off. We had popped to the toy shop to get Opeie something for his good behaviour. Initially he chose a LEGO Ultra Agents kit (which I know will make Mrs Ultra agents very happy), but as he rounded the next aisle the kit was handed back and replaced by the LEGO Disney Princess Rapunzel's Creativity tower. (He's a lover of pink and bright colours just like me).

We had the LEGO City Auto Transporter Sitting at home waiting to be built so I challenged Mrs M to some fun in the bedroom. LEGO being the fun and the boys room being the competition venue. 

The competition kicked off with Mrs M complaining that she had 'more little pieces' than i did and it was going to take her a lot longer to build, but she soon ripped the bags open ahead of me and started getting stuck in. Clearly she wanted the head start because she very quickly asked me to go and put some music on while we were building, which was followed ten minutes later by 'can you put something different on please'. It was Mrs M's usual dirty tactics.

With the auto transporter having 350 pieces, Rapunzels tower coming in at 299 and me being the pro builder i thought the competition was about even so i took my time and played with Opeie as i was creating the LEGO masterpiece. Mrs M had the look of sheer determination on her face and there was no way she was letting me win, she was in it to win it. 

I love the LEGO City kits so i was taking it all in building. The City kits always take me back to being a child. As a little builder back in the 80s, it was a police station, along with lots of road base plates that really started this fascination with LEGO that i still have today. The auto transporter comes with two cars and while Opeie built the two minifigures included, i breezed through making them. But i spent a lot of this time watching what Mrs M was doing. I love the Disney Princess and Friends kits, so much colour.

I was soon on to bag two and Mrs M followed close behind, it was shaping up to be an excellent LEGO battle. Mrs M usually isn't a fan of our beloved bricks but she was building like a pro and had her eyes on the prize. I think Opeie's excitement playing with Rapunzel and Pascal was all the fuel she needed to get the kit built quickly so they could play.

Part of me wished i could have filmed the whole thing as Mrs M's competitive streak had reached its peak. and one point Opeie said 'mommy I've hurt my finger!' the response "I'll have a look at it in a bit". Nothing was taking her attention off the build (that's focus). Not to worry though i tended to Opeie's finger and was back from A&E within the hour (just kidding).

The competition was starting to heat up and Mrs M needed a towel to mop her brow. I think she was feeling more pressure than a day at the office.

Bag 3 and i was on the home stretch but Mrs M's tower was starting to look pretty glorious. To be honest i had decided quite early on that i wish we had swapped kits, I'm a sucker for a bit of pink. While we were building me and Opeie had an in depth conversation about the LEGO Frozen Elsa's castle that's coming out soon and what he wants to do with it if we get it, so cute.

It seemed i had taken Mrs M's building skills for granted and with the trailer still to build while she casually sorted out the towers awesome amount of brightly coloured accessories it was obvious that i needed to up my game before she wiped the floor with me.

It literally came down to the dying seconds, but who won???

Yes I (the household master builder) was beaten, by the family member that claims she doesn't like LEGO. It was a dark day but i held my head high. mainly because i wanted to just get past the gloating so i could play. As my forfeit it was my turn to get tea on while our very own princess put her feet up and played...

Ready for food delivery around 6 o clock!

(oh no!!!! i put the sticker on upside down haha!! i should be ashamed.)


Rebecca Beesley said...

This is so funny! Well done Mrs M!!! xxx

Em @ snowingindoors said...

Way to go Mrs M! I love the look of the Rapunzel tower, I was really happy when Annie added it to her Christmas wishlist!