Wednesday 15 October 2014

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."

I had so much fun with the last series of LEGO Mixels that I decided to do the same with series 3. I was really excited about the release of this series because of the colours. My purple bricks are running low because of a few custom pieces I've made for people and adding some extra bright green to play with will always be a bonus. But before a bulk of the parts disappear into our ever expanding collection i suppose we should build this adorable little characters.

When we first saw Mixels in the shops way back, the boys weren't the slightest bit interested. I spent ages trying to motivate them, but nothing. It wasn't just because of the parts I was interested though. These small intricate characters teach the boys a different side to LEGO building as the placing of the large number of small parts from each kit is really cleverly thought out. There has been so many times building these that I've thought 'I'd never thought to put those pieces together'.

What i love about the Mixels range is that because of the new eyes and teeth pieces it really opens up the doors for character building and its really simple for younger builders to create custom Mixels themselves. Opeie and Seth came up with this little cutie in minutes with the pieces on the table while we were building one of the characters. You can literally throw together any shape and add teeth and eyes and voila! a little Mixel.

My favourite character from the Glorp Corp was Torts, mainly because i like the use of the facial pieces, beak etc. The Mixels range really get me thinking about my own custom pieces and i love that about them. Its great to see the boys trying out new ideas too. Although some of LEGO'S larger builds are truly amazing i personally find the Mixel range quite inspiring.

It wasn't long before me and my mini helper had built all of this tribe and they looked great, i cant say they'll stay built for long though as we have big plans for the third post. Remember when i transformed Opeie into a Mixel? (at his request of course)....

...We'll be building something interesting for the last post so stay tuned. If you are thinking about introducing your children to LEGO (and i strongly recommend it for so many great reasons) then the Mixels range is great to kick that off without splashing out big money for starters, I guarantee you be hooked though.

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