Tuesday 24 February 2015

"It's not the size of the ninja in a fight, but the size of fight inside the ninja!"

With season 4 of Ninjago just starting on Cartoon Network the world of LEGO has been going Ninja crazy. Seth has been telling me that it is all the kids at school are talking about. I've been meaning to review one of the boys favourite kits which happens to be the Ninjago x-1 ninja charger for a while now. So this seemed like the perfect time.

What I loved about this kit as soon as I saw the box, is that I imagined changing it all in to black, as the motorbike that shoots out of the front would be perfect for our own take on the Lego tumbler. But first we needed to see how the Ninjago kit had been created and what fun and clever extras it had to offer.

All Lego kit builds start out the same at the Gifts from the pirates HQ. You can't possibly go bag by bag as our littlest builder insists on opening all the bags so that he can get at and build all the minifigures first. I was drawn in by the hair on the Ninjago figure. I think Opeie's own minifigure will be getting a new hair do. The kit comes with Kai and two Nindroids with rocket packs and a great vehicle that looks like a giant circular saw.

There are quite a few LEGO Technics pieces on this build so lots of pegs and posts to hold it together. This means it takes a little longer to build but the extra time is so worth it for the completed build. Who doesn't want a cool looking sports car with a motorcycle that shoots out the front. If only our Peugeot had the same specs.

The kit is awesome when it is completed, a lot of thought has gone in to the design of this kit. Its definitely worth the money and there are some great parts that (like all LEGO) can be used for future builds. There are a great selection of buildings, vehicles and minifigures from the Ninjago range, my favourite being the Titanium Dragon set. So if like my boys, your children like acting out the TV shows with there figures there are plenty of characters and vehicles to chose from.

We went to visit friends last week in London and while adventuring around on the tube we popped to Hamley's. They had great Ninjago window displays promoting the new series and LEGO range.

Sadly we missed the London premiere which looked awesome, check out the video below.

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