Friday 6 February 2015

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."

Almost 4 years of co-sleeping and this week Opeie has finally asked to sleep in the 'big boy bed'. For Christmas the only thing Seth had asked for from Santa was a bunk bed. So when they woke up on Christmas morning to find a huge thing wrapped up in their room, Seth had visions of Opeie joining him straight away.  I think Seth was a little jealous that we all slept in the same bed, like he was missing out on something and this was his chance to claim back some fun boy time with his little brother. 

Sadly despite having something new to throw a sheet over and make a base with, Opeie showed absolutely no interest in wanting to spend the night there, poor Seth. On Sunday night though he surprised us all by very politely requesting the bottom bunk for his evening of slumber. We were all very shocked.

We expected the novelty to wear off after five minutes, followed by 'can I sleep in your bed?' But he got all cosy, asked for a cuddle and dropped off with no effort from me. It was a dream come true. He woke up a couple of times for a drink and i had to get in with him around 3am (which I've done every night so far). But he's now on night six and going strong. We've told him if he makes it through the week he can have a Paddington bear for being good (I was inspired by a story Auntie Lottie told me about her sky dancer back when we were little).

Mrs M isn't liking the change of him not being in bed but it will do him good now to feel a little more independent. Clearly he was ready for the transition as the change was on his terms not ours. Its great to see him making big decisions for himself and i couldn't be more proud of the way he is developing.

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