Wednesday 18 February 2015

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

It doesn't matter where we go or what we are doing, at some point in the day Opeie will say "take a picture of it!". It all stemmed from the Fox hunt game and because of it my phone is usually full of all sorts of pictures he has requested. We only write about the fox's, but flamingo's and racoons are also taking up space on my phone. He loves taking pictures of his toys too and on a recent trip to Gotham he made it quite clear that the camera needed to be on stand by.

Opeie was eager to include a robot shark infested pool in our game this time and well you know i aim to please when it comes to the boys so we soon had Jokers fun house towering over sharky water.

Opeie comes up with all manner of crazy stories, Seth always comments on how great his imagination is and how much fun he is to play with. Our recent role playing game is a fun story when batman, superman and the red tornado are discussing their dirty capes when the joker (or one of the other villains) lets them know about a dry cleaners. Unfortunately the heroes are usually duped in the back of a van or a jail cell for   Permanent detainment. He does make me chuckle.

As much as I love creating, craft and building I think role playing with toys is great for their imagination and development. The boys really get in to their stories and i love being able to get involved too.

You can't get anything out in the house without the furry member of the family getting involved. Plus a big bowl of water with robot fish is screaming 'come and drink me'.

Having so many super hero toys in the house and two great playmates to go all out with is amazing. Being a dad is everything i thought it would be and more. I'm moulding then in to mini nerdy versions of myself.

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