Tuesday 24 February 2015

"The building's identity resided in the ornament."

It only seems like a few weeks since we were reviewing the LEGO Mixels series 3 range and now series 4 has landed and it is definitely our favourite yet. First up the Glowkies and what a great trio of cute LEGO monsters. Seth was up for a bit of a wager and wanted a LEGO Mixels race, I'm not the competitive type but when it comes to LEGO building different rules apply.

The Mixels are Such a great creation from LEGO and they are really doing a service for parents. Especially for the ones that have brick loving kids but don't have the disposable income to cover the costs of some of the larger kits. For £3 these are really great for adding pieces to any brick collection and the versatility means they can be used over and over for different building ventures.  

I love that with each series of Mixels there are new fun pieces. I especially loved these downward facing teeth, which haven't been included in any of the other three series (as far as I know).

One of the great things about this range of Mixels is the old school glowing plastic. I remember my mom holding many of my toys up to the light before bed to charge then before turning out the light. The boys have loved this about some of the LEGO products ever since I got them glow in the dark LEGO skeleton horses from the Monster fighters range.

The Mixels didn't stay built for long, but that's the great thing about LEGO. It's diversity is the reason LEGO gets so much of our attention throughout the week. We sat and created our own Mixels with the parts from all three. Thanks to LEGO it was more fun quality family time spent. I don't think i could ever lose interest in this product. Go team LEGO!!!

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