Sunday 8 February 2015

“You have to be odd to be number one”

I am a little bit of a book hoarder, especially with the books the boys love the most. If i see copies of the books we love in charity shops (even if we already have more than one copy), i have to buy them. That probably seems a little odd i know but they com in extremely handy for craft ideas and various activities. We used a copy of Cat in the Hat last year to make bunting for Opeie's Birthday which turned out great. Last week it was cold and wet out and i wanted to come up with some games to entertain Opeie but that were educational too.

We had a shabby looking copy of Fox in Socks that i had brought for 10p so I thought it would be fun to cut numbers out of the pages and use them for some fun games.  I'm always trying to get Opeie more familiar with his letters and numbers and thought that including images from one of his favourite books would make the activity more fun for him.

We scattered the numbers around the room and cranked the music up. Our own version of musical statues. Instead of being as still as he could i stopped the music, shouted out a number and he quickly had to run to it. I then hid the numbers around the house and told Opeie to track them down, bring them back in to the lounge and put them in order. We finished up with putting numbers together to make bigger numbers. A simple yet fun set of activities.

We've got plenty more books to cut up, i wonder what we will do with them next?

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