Thursday 12 November 2015

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."

Friday night was food shopping night when I was a little boy and although i hated being dragged around Sainsburys in Northfield there was one thing that always kept me motivated, the cereal aisle. I know that sounds mental but if you were a child in the 80's then you will understand why. Saturday morning to us meant digging around in a freshly opened box of cereal looking for toys. I remember being most excited about the little figures from the 'Willow' movie (I needed every one.) One of my fondest cereal memories though was the Kelloggs cornflakes rooster logo bike reflectors. Sadly cereal toys are no more and with the way things are these days it makes me wonder if kids would be as excited, I know Seth and Opeie would be.

There may be no more cereal reflectors falling out our boxes of Kelloggs but when Mrs M came back from her week away in Holland for work, she brought with her the bike accessory that trumped even the reflective Cornflake rooster himself. Back in the 80's (or maybe it was just in Birmingham), if your ride wasn't rocking a spokey dokey or fifty then you might as well have left it in the shed. That annoying tinkling sound as you were just starting off or slowing down showed that you were one of the cool kids and Seth's new accessories were definitely making him feel the same.

One of my favourite things about being a dad is being able to introduce the boys to things that excited me growing up and being able to relive my childhood through them is amazing. Its even better that they are genuinely interested and want to be a part of that (I felt the same with my dad, wearing his leather biker jacket and listening to Thin Lizzy haha). Seth clinked his spokey dokeys with pride around the park and his awesome gift and new found cycle accessory took me right back to my red Raleigh chopper and its clinky clanky wheels.

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