Wednesday 25 November 2015

"Everybody's out there wrestling like a robot."

When it comes to Nintendo I love the classics, Super Mario for me as a kid was the best and when Yoshi was thrown in to the equation I was in my element. Although I have followed the mustachioed plumber through his glorious career and plan to continue until I am old older and grey, I think its awesome when I am introduced to something I'd not heard of before like the new Chibi-Robo! Zip lash game. I am however a little disappointed with myself for not realising that the game is a follow up to the earlier release on the Gamecube many years ago (I did own a Gamecube when it was released but sadly girls were also a part of my life at this age so I may have missed a lot).

Chibi-Robo Zip lash is a platform game where the hero adventures through each 6 level world using his trusty power cable to progress, while trying to stay charged. The little robot who whips his way through each level is also big on cleaning up mess along the way and picks up litter that is left about to give to his friend at HQ to gain extra points. 

Opeie was the first to point the game out when we were having a mooch on and said that the game looked really cute. This is one of the things that will always be a huge factor in why I love Nintendo games so much. Most of their games appeal to all age groups and Chibi-robo is definitely no different. I did think after watching the video that it may be a little difficult for Opeie being only 4 but this mini hardcore gamer of mine flew through the early levels with the greatest of ease. I love that the boys are in to gaming and I will always embrace that as it is something that was big in my life as a child, I do limit them though as I think anything they do should be done in moderation. With each game we play though I do try and find the educational advantage in each (there always is one). The legends of Zelda / Pokemon (strategy), Mario Maker / Animal Crossing (design), Super smash Bros... how to brawl? (I jest). Chibi-Robo though gave me a chance to give Opeie a Nintendo themed home school lesson in 'angles'. As the levels progress you need to bounce your power cable off of angled walls to get to higher sockets and Opeie was getting a little frustrated by not being able to advance. The game is great as when you aim your power cable at an angled wall it shows you the trajectory by dotted line to help you along your way. So my lesson in angles showed Opeie throwing the power cable at different places on the angled wall caused the plug to take a different path, Genius!

Chibi-Robo Zip Lash has been great for taking with me everywhere I go helping to bridge that boring gap when I am waiting in the car (which happens a lot). The levels are short and not too testing, although I am only 3 worlds in and there are fun extras as you progress, my favourite so fare being  'The Adventures of Skater Bot' Where Chibi-Robo! dons a skateboard and whizzes through the level shooting his power cable at sockets while moving

The game is fun, effortless play, the only downside for me (and this is just personal preference) was the product placement throughout the game. Console gaming is frowned up on enough, which I can definitely understand if it is not done in moderation. I don't think that any computer game for children though needs to be advertising confectionery throughout the game, it took me right back to Mcdonald land released in the 90's.

That aside though the game play is a lot of fun and being a lot cheaper than many of the other latest 3ds releases you really cant go wrong. I love the Wii U but I seem to get much more time for handheld gaming as it fits in to all my quiet moments and Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash has become another great Nintendo title to add to our ever expanding collection.

There seems to be a fun amiibo section of the game too, sadly we couldn't find out more about that as we are playing the game on the older 3DS. With all the games being released with amiibo extras I'm starting to think that we definitely need the New 3DS XL.

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