Thursday 5 November 2015

"There is something magical about three you know - a trio is tight and nicely economical."

I am a HUGE Nintendo fan and have grown up with their games since I was around the age of ten. Despite this ever growing love I am ashamed to say that I have never played a Zelda game! I know, I should be disappointed with myself and I have been told so many times over the years that I am missing out. I remember a conversation years ago with my friend Jen over a few drinks about the importance of playing the legend of Zelda games (she's a big fan) and whenever I mention Nintendo to my friend Jamie he tells me about the impact Ocarina of time had on him growing up.

It was time to give it a try and with the release of The Legend of Zelda Tri force heroes on 3ds last week there was no better time to throw myself in there. I love a good 3ds game because I can fit it in to every quiet moment I have, Sitting in the dentist waiting area, lying in bed late at night with my headphones in and in this case, waiting in a car park while Seth is having one of his annual hospital check ups.

As I have not played the other games from the series I don't have anything to compare it too, but I can confidently say that I was hooked from the moment I started playing. Tri force heroes follows Link on a new adventure in Hytopia, a town that is obsessed with fashion. The towns princess (Styla) has been cursed by a Witch who the towns folk refer to as 'The Lady' and has been left in a black jumpsuit (probably not the best outfit for a fashion conscious member of royalty).

To defeat the witch Link must embark on an adventure in to the Drablands but he's not alone as the town believe that the evil can only be lifted by a trio of heroes that work together and can form a totem by piling on each other. Tri force heroes can be played by a single gamer using two 'dopples' that you can control one at a time to get you through. What makes Tri force heroes so much fun is that to make the most of the games functions you can connect a further two consoles (2ds, 3ds or New 3ds). What makes the game even better is the other two players don't need to own the game themselves as the multiplayer mode can be played using downloadable content from the player owning the game (as well as there being a local and online play option). I wasn't sure if the game may be a little difficult for Opeie but as you are playing cooperatively and each puzzle isn't too long, you can get through each one smoothly as a team.

Haven't got anyone to play with at home? no need to worry, all you need is your console set up to your wifi and you can play co-op mode with allies everywhere. I would have loved this option on my Gameboy when I was a mini gamer growing up and it has been great to play alongside other players of an evening. As well as the Co-op play you can also take photos from each level (when you have picked up the in game camera from one of the shops) and share these in the Miiverse.

For me Tri force heroes is the best 3ds release of 2015 as it has been the first game that I have been squeezing in levels every spare moment I can (not to mention a few late nights, oops). I wont give too much away but as the levels progress they get increasingly more tricky to complete which is why I have found the game so engaging. There are also a great selection of costumes and items to unlock during your adventure to aid you through each level. As a parent and blogger I don't get huge chunks of time to sit and play console games unless I'm sitting with the boys playing together but the short puzzles fit in perfectly amongst all the other things I am doing.

The legend of Zelda Tri force Heroes gets a huge thumbs up from us and I think it will be keeping me (and the boys) entertained over the coming weeks. We're now looking forward to the next installment of The Legends of Zelda series on the Wii U too, so stay tuned.

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