Wednesday 4 November 2015

"Where words fail, music speaks."

I've written many top 5 posts about the music that Opeie has been listening to over the years. This morning is quite a big milestone on his journey in to musical preference. His number 1 song (which has been the same for a long time) has today been knocked off its pedestal. It seems that Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy is no longer the song that has been putting the biggest smile on his face. I'm sure Phil Lynott would be gutted at the thought of our mini air guitarist devoting more of his attention to a new track but sadly thems the breaks! What song has hit the top spot I bet you are thinking!! That, I will reveal shortly.

The shattering news got me thinking about Opeie's eclectic taste and I realised I had not yet written about the fact he now has an iPod with his own personal soundtrack on, which goes most places with us. Opeie loves popping his headphones in and going in to his own little musical world and I think it is so important to embrace that. Music is a big thing in our house, we all favour it over screen time and it is something that brought me and Mrs M together when we first met.

 It is so interesting to be a part of Opeie's new found love and watching him enjoying certain songs and artists really is awesome. Although there are some recent songs on his play list he definitely seems to favour the 70s and 80s tracks in his collection. The more he listens to the songs the more confident he gets singing a long. the Rupert Holmes classic is no longer "If you like being a Koala and getting caught in the rain" (which honestly, I am a little sad about). Some of my fondest memories during my own childhood were because of the music my parents listened too. I remember many car journeys with my dad listening to Thin Lizzy, Steve Vai and Judas priest and I love being able to pass that love of a great song down to my own musical enthusiasts.

Seth had never really shown much interest in specific songs (apart from intergalactic by the Beastie boys), but his little brothers new found hobby has also go Seth paying more attention to what is playing the car and around the house. Myself and Mrs M listen to such a broad spectrum of music I like to think that the boys have got access to a huge variety of great material.

I know the suspense must be driving you crazy so here's Opeie's new number 1! Drum roll please....


 It seems that in less than 24 hours (when I started the post), the top spot has been taken again, So It seems only right to leave you with tonights updated No 1.

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