Saturday 28 November 2015

“Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man's being”

It was lovely to hear Mrs M last week say "shall we go scooting?", she's been out with us a few times over the last few years but it always felt like it was solely for the boys benefit, which is fine as it just makes it even more clear what an awesome mom she is. This time though was different, this time it seemed that she was looking forward to getting some wheels under her feet. Since donating our black Micro to Emma at Another last story and with Mrs M's new found interest in scooting we were two wheels down on our family scooting adventure. It was time to include a new set of wheels into our family dynamic.

*I'd just like to point out that every time I visit the Micro scooters store there seems to be another cool new scooter to look at. Opeie just spotted the new Micro Sprite Scooter - Tea Owl and let out an excited shriek! The new patterned decks range are amazing.

Anyway back to our family scoot dilemma, When Mrs M's new set of wheels arrived it was time to hit the streets in search of adventure. The new Micro flex deluxe in Berry is lush, when Seth had chosen his pink Micro flex a while back I was a little jealous as there were no pink adult scooters like it. While we were out scooting a lady stopped us and commented on how lovely the colour of this scooter is, its a real attention grabber. The wide fibreglass deck gives the flex deluxe a springy smooth feel much like the suspension scooter. I'm definitely more of a fan of micro's larger wheeled scooters although I did spot someone riding a monster kick board recently and it certainly did make me double take and wonder what they were like to ride.

  The Micro Flex deluxe is available in Berry, Matt Black and Blue.

The new addition to our family scooter had us looking at all of the scooters available on the site, I'm so intrigued by the Pedalflow and Ive never seen one about, I'd love to give one a try. Mrs M is fascinated by the Micro luggage scooter and due to Seth struggling on his scooter recently because of his muscles he would love to try the emicro (I'd secretly love to whizz around on that too, shhhh...).

With Christmas around the corner, any of the Micro scooters range would be an amazing present. Whether you are out playing with the kids or saving the environment by lessening your carbon footprint I think everyone should own a micro scooter. It has had a huge impact on me as a dad and it gives me a great reason sometimes to leave the car on the drive.

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