Friday 20 November 2015

"well there's just an empty space..."

If your child is really in to music then there is a good chance that like us you get to hear them walking about singing snippets from different songs, sometimes slightly off key, sometimes with their own lyrics remixed in to the tune but always adorable and very entertaining. Opeie has been singing the same few lines for two days now and although the lyrics didn't instantly make me think of a song there was something about the structure of the two lines that had me racking my brain everytime he happily walked by singing. I asked him what he was singing and he said he wasn't sure what it was but I had played it to him, it was a man playing a piano and he really liked it.

The words "there's just an empty space on my side" and "look at me" had been ringing around in my head for days and as I typed them out just then I realise it should have been as clear as day what he was singing. Opeie even pointed out that it was one of the songs that I had chosen during a game we were playing last week where we were picking our favourite songs from 1984 (when I was Opeie's age) and I still failed to make the connection.

Right before bed I asked him to sing the lyrics to Mrs M to see if she could shed any light on the lyrical puzzle. Using her best friend Google she found the song in seconds. It is such an amazing song that I should have got it straight away. I am loving Opeie's new found love of music and his music taste is impeccable.

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