Sunday 3 June 2012

"Every true genius is bound to be naive."


I never thought i would ever write a blog post about a single Lego build but after this weekend i am left thinking that Seth is some sort of Lego genius and has been letting me do a lot of our builds until this point. I'm convinced he's been holding out on me.

Mrs M had work to do and Opeie was asleep which as far as me and Seth are concerned means 'get the Lego out' as its really difficult to build when Opeie is awake due to him trying to put all the pieces in his mouth. I was building a robot girlfriend for his intergalactic robot. Seth had been very quiet so i looked over to see if he was ok (as my head had been stuck on a Lego box routing for pieces) and saw a masterpiece in production.

Seth has been going on for weeks about wanting the Lego AT-AT for his birthday or Christmas this year. I have no problem buying the kits for him but i think Seth learns more about building when making things for himself. The kits are amazing don't get me wrong but Seth always seems that extra bit satisfied when he has done it all himself. 

Last year for his birthday he wanted the police station (which he reminded us about most days for the months coming up to his birthday) which ended up costing us £80 and once it was built he smashed it up and it was never built again?? He also had one of the large Disney Cars Lego sets for Christmas and now coming up to 6 months on its still in the box unopened.

I loved Lego when i was younger, i don't remember there being much choice of kits to buy so i always had to rely on my imagination to build what i wanted it usually consisted of a castle as i had loads of knights minifigures and i was always building robots.

Any way back to the masterpiece, For a 5 year old i think this is pure genius (and not just saying that being the doting father that i am). Apart from me strengthening the AT-AT, Helping with the hinges and adding the weapon holders on the side for him it was all done by him. 

What i love most is how he built it completely using his imagination and knew exactly what he wanted to add to it, I even got a telling off when i added the wrong color lightsaber to the side of it as it was a Jedi and not a Sith one!! how bad did i feel!!. Personally i think it has come out far more superior than any generic straight out of a box kit.

Its also made me think i need to up my game on my builds as he's going to be putting me to shame.

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