Tuesday 26 June 2012

"Retiring is one thing. Being retired is something else altogether."

It always makes me a little sad when the boys grow out of their toys and are no longer played with. Recently it has come to my attention that the cast of Disney Cars have outstayed their welcome in the house. Seth apparently needs the extra shelf space and in his words "you can put them on eBay i don't really play with them anymore" (this maybe because a while back he sold his He-man collection and we used the money to buy his Batcave so I'm guessing there's something new that he has his eye on). Now there's the 'do i put them on eBay or will Opeie be into them when he's a bit older' situation?? Opeie like's playing with his push along bubble blowing mater so there's a good chance he will.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Seth was lightening mcqueen crazy but unfortunately the cars don't wield lightsaber's or swing from building to building via web so i guess they didn't stand a chance against the super hero heavy weights.

Ive got to admit i still really like Maters tall tales and the first movie, I was looking forward to seeing the sequal but like most things they had to take it to far. I was really disappointed and although Seth did watch it a few times after he soon lost interest. They were never going to have the same kind of appeal as Captain America or Darth Vader.

I was never really impressed by the toys, they always seemed like a tackier version of Seths thomas the tank engine wooden trains for his brio track (which i will write about soon as i think their great). The train and the yellow truck were the last two that we bought him and i don't think they were ever played with after the day he got them out of the box.

For Christmas last year we bought Seth a few set's of Cars Lego but it seem's that the Lightening Mcqueens retirement had already happened and we were unaware (and I'm usually so clued in when it comes to toys). The one set hasn't even made it out of the box. Which makes me realise that a lot more information needs to be gathered before this Christmas.

The two other sets were never played with once they were made and smashed up so i spent a while rummaging through 25kg of Lego to find all the little pieces (which was a nightmare) and put them in Ms M's zip lock bags that she loves so dearly (but that's a post for another time!!!). Seth hasn't even noticed they have gone so maybe it will be something for Opeie to play with when he's got over the 'Lego is for eating phase'.

It is sad that the toys have lost their appeal but we have all been there. i remember when i was younger deciding one day that i was to big to be playing with my 'my pet monster' (who had been in some ways my closest friend growing up, mostly seen on my back with his handcuffs around my throat).

Sadly when my toys reached their retirement years they were passed on to two of my cousins who i remember just used to destroy them. Seth and Opeie's on the other hand will be packed away carefully to live out their elder lives comfortably or at least until they are given a new lease of life to grandchildren maybe. or even someone we know that is less fortunate than us having all these wonderful toys.

So Lightening Mcqueen and all your friends. From Me, Mrs M and The boys it was a pleasure knowing you. Goodnight.

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poor lightening :(