Tuesday 12 June 2012

"You underestimate the power of the Dark Side!"

Coming to terms with a loss can be a really difficult thing to go through, sadly for the past few month's i have been living in denial. Its been a rough time for me but ive been dealing with the jolt on a day to day basis and am now slowly coming to terms with the fact that i have lost my eldest to the darkside!!

Since Seth has started school he and his friend William have been inseparable. William is a very shy boy and is quite reserved but once he gets talking about Star Wars he is a completely different child and there's no stopping him. This has serverly disrupted the balance of super hero actively in our household. They spend all of their time at school playing and talking about Star Wars, So much so that a couple of weeks ago their teacher brought in a talking Yoda from home to keep them entertained. Seth is slowly losing his super powers and exchanging them for the force (and its getting strong with this one).

I guess i should understand really as i used to love my Star Wars figures when i was younger. I can see the appeal but the super hero comic book world has so much more to offer. Mainly there's no annoying characters like Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker who's whining got pretty annoying during episodes 1-3 he's so much more bearable as Darth Vader. I think that once Seth's reading gets better and i introduce him to the Amazing Spider-man Issue 1 i might have a chance of winning him back.

Even though I'm still working through the upset of the changes to the past few months its only fair that i embrace the situation and move forward. I had already brought these Galactic Heroes figures for the boys but seeing as i have been collecting the Super Hero Squad Figures for Opeie then i guess a new collection will now be starting for Seth's birthday and Christmas. I'd certainly never turn down a new collection and it will definitely give me even more to write on here about.

 In the mean time ill be doing everything i can to re tip the Super Hero balance in our house and ill certainly be doing all i can to avoid the introduction of Star Wars to Opeie, although i may be fighting a losing battle there with a little 5 year old Jedi running around wielding his lightsaber.

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