Sunday 17 June 2012

"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play."

Seth has been asking me for a while if he can help with my blog because he likes seeing all of his  toys on the computer and he thinks that keeping a blog sounds fun. He said that when he is older he would like to write a blog about star wars! grrrrr...... like i said before Ive Lost him to the Darkside. "DAM YOU WILLIAM!!!" (shakes fist in the air!!!). I hoped both the boys would eventually start joining in and so far it seems to be going to plan.

Anyway over to Seth..... "I got the batmobile last week because Ive been a good boy and because i had some pocket money off my nanny Robson when we went to see her to take her some meals. The top window is easy to open and it came with a Batman figure  which was cool because he is wearing driving goggles. There is a button with the bat symbol on it for a grabber on the front to grab the Joker. When the wheels spin the fire on the back spins when it drives."

"The Batbike came with the Batcave, i use it for Robin but i have lost Robin at the moment he's run off to join the circus" (i love how he said that, after what happened to the rest of the grayson's at the circus i dont think he would be going back there in a hurry.)

"I like the goodies the best but the the baddies are my favourites as well and two face is one of my favourites because he's got half a bad face and half a good face. The Riddler is one of my favourites but i don't know why. Mommy likes the penguin because she likes his umbrella, she wants the Penguin submarine toy but they didn't have it at Toys R Us when we went."

"The Batcave we got from Toys R Us is quite cool because its got 3 floors ones at the bottom one in the middle and one at the top and its got a lift and the bat sign on the front lights up. There is a grapple hook gun. Its got a turning bit on it that opens the door. You can use the feet on the figures to open doors and the lift and a little gun thing that comes from out of the roof."

"When im playing with the Batcave i like to put the baddies in the jail on the back. Ive got 3 batman figures and i like to pretend that each one thinks their the real batman and they get angry with each other. Ive got 1 robin. ages ago Pauly was the Joker and he had 2 figures and pretended that one of them was a robot joker to trick me."

"Opeie has got a Batcave too and we like to put them next to each other so that we can play together, it's got a slide and a garage on it for his Batmobile and do you know? we got it from America in Florida. I got some Lego batman stuff that day."

"My Batcave has got a door on the side for Robins motorbike and the door on the front is blue."

"If we win the bat helicopter on eBay i want to write on the blog again, i would also like the the jail playset with bane, the jokers fun house, joker tank, and the penguin submarine so mommy can play with me."

Well there you have it, all you needed to know about Seth's Imaginext Batcave, it made a nice change lying on his bed with him before he went to sleep writing this and it's made me want to jump on eBay and buy that Batcopter just so we can do it again and i know that Mrs M will feel the same about the Penguin Submarine so Mommy can play with him.

I think i will definitely be making this a once a week thing as i love hearing what he has to say about his toys he's such a kind and sweet boy and i cant wait for his brother to get a little older so he can join in too.

Updated 19/6/12

Turns out that the missing Robin was actually with a missing Batman that we had forgotten we had. The two fearless crime fighters were overseeing the construction of their new underground Batcave that is being built under Arkham Asylum (For anyone out there with no imagination they were under the sofa). 


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