Friday 29 June 2012

"I bear a charmed life."

Me and Opeie dropped Mrs M off at work today and was given some pocket money for good behaviour, so off we trotted to Build a bear workshop to get Opeie a teddy. After picking the lifeless bear pelt's up one at a time and waving them in front of Opeie's face he finally reached out and grabbed one (it did take him while). I cant wait for him to be talking soon, it will make decision making so much easier although to be honest i was more interested in the outfits as they still had their avengers range in.

Opeie is Spider-man mad, if it has spidey on it he's got to have it, and i mean anything (I think my next post will be all about that). Recently though he's been taking in a lot of what Seth does and he's started doing his own version of the Hulk Smash which seems to consist of him sticking his clenched fists out in front and saying "GRRRRRRR". It is very very cute!!

So obviously i thought it would be nice for his new bear who we named GRRRRRRR on his birth certificate to be dressed very elegantly in Incredible Hulk attire.

The great thing about our new bear is he complements 'Spider-Bear' who i have had since Spider-Man 3 came out back in 2007. If build a bear teddies were a little less pricey i probably would have come home with an Iron man one too but maybe ill just buy the outfit.

It was an enjoyable half an hour which almost ended in a screaming fit when Opeie decided he didn't like the noise the stuffing machine made clinging to me for dear life. Nothing a cuddle from daddy doesn't sort out though. We recorded him a voice too, i held back the urge to just have him shouting 'Bear Smash' and said something a little more personal to Opeie ending "you will always be my favourite super hero". 

We left the shop with a very happy boy and Hulk can be happy too knowing he is no longer doomed to walk the earth alone.

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