Sunday 10 June 2012

"Sometimes you rise above your material, sometimes you don't."

Yesterday we had to go to Smyths to buy a present for a girl in Seth's class to take to her birthday party, while there we Inevitably got taken down the Lego isle so that Seth could show us and the Lego Star Wars kits that he wants for his Birthday. The Lego Star Wars X-Wing was pointed out to us in order for us to make a mental note.

Now I'm definitely not cheap as I'm happy to buy Lego for the boys and we will most likely purchase it but when we got home i initiated getting the Lego out and made it my mission to have an X-wing for Seth by the end of the day.

There's something about being limited by the bricks that we have that really get's my creative juices flowing and i also see it as having a sense of a competitive element (Me Vs The Bricks). don't get me wrong we must have about 20kg+ of Lego but unlike buying a kit where you have the pieces all mapped out for you, rummaging through mixed Lego you have to have a lot of dedication and patience. Mrs M always says she doesn't know how i can sit there for so long going through every tiny piece (plus i think the noise drives her crazy).

Turn's out i couldn't have it finished before Seth went to bed so being the cracking dad that i am i soldiered on after me and Mrs M had had tea and were watching the telly (what a hardship on my part haha).

 Seth had asked me in the afternoon why i like building from my imagination so much, i explained that i had a lot of Lego when i was younger and that i wasn't brought many kits so was left to build things from memory. I also told him that everyone that goes into a toy shop and buys the Lego X-wing will all end up with the exact same model but by making your own you have a completely individual build, one which NO ONE else will have.(he liked this reason as he said he could show it off to his friend William). As i said in my previous post "Every true genius is bound to be naive", I think that Seth's AT-AT build showed a lot more character than the generic Lego kit and hopefully the same applied to my X-Wing.

The other main reason for me loving to build like this is that I'm more likely to leave Seth on his own building with a kit but if were building together like this it means that we get some quality father son play time together (and who wouldn't want that?).

 Well its the following morning now and I'm waiting for the little one to wake up so that i can show him his new x-wing (I'm so proud). It actually turned out better than i expected as half way through i was convinced it was going to end up multi-coloured due to brick limitations but somehow i managed to scrape the colours together. unfortunately our grey box (yes our Lego pieces are seperated into colour order) has taken a hit so ill be having to buy more.

The build was finished off perfectly before i had even started it when Seth pointed out that he had a Lego X-wing pilot in his Minifigure box. It was meant to be. I'm just wondering what he's going to say he wants next and hoping its not a Death Star.

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Wow!!! that's some dedication right there!