Friday 29 June 2012

"I be rubber, thou art glue. Whatever thou speaketh doth bounce off me and cleave to you! "

It's about that time again, My Super Hero Squad collection part 3 (Part 1 / Part 2). I was going to hold on for a bit until i had collected some more but i need to get these packed away into storage so here it is. There was a seller on eBay a few weeks back getting rid of his fairly big collection so i watched and couldn't believe how much some of them went for. Mrs M thinks i should just keep collecting these and give them to Opeie when he's much older if they become more collectable.

Either way the collection is steadily on the up. there are hundreds of these figures, thankfully what has made it easier to keep track of is this Collection Heroes edition iPad app. This is great as it has all of the available collection with pictures and you can mark the ones that you own. It also has the Galactic Heroes collection too so my new collection for Seth has just been made easier too. (which im going to need as im not as knowledgeable about Star Wars characters).

I know these have already been mentioned in my Father's Day post but as their a recent edition i thought id include them. there's quite a few Iron Man boxes to collect, these are the first for my collection so I'm going to be busy. Ive only just found out about 3 Avengers Assemble boxes which i need to find and the 3 Amazing Spider-man boxes have been released but unfortunately only in the US. Doesnt make things any easier for me!

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