Friday 3 August 2012

"A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow."

Its 3am and i cant sleep, this doesn't happen very often but tonight there is no chance of me dropping off so it looks like come tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be a very tired boy which Isnt great when you have 2 young children that crave your attention the entire time they are awake.

As i sit here and eat what i can only describe as a cocktail of cereal (there was lots of boxes with bits in the bottom) i decided to play some Lego Batman 2 on the xbox which Mrs M had bought me for my birthday. I dont get to play computer games anywhere near as much as i like, i was brought Arkham city months back and have barely touched it but with the Lego games at least its a game me and Seth can play together.

We love the Lego games in the house and spent months completing the Star Wars game to its entirety and when were not in the house then weve got the games on our DS's which usually come in handy when were waiting around in the car or our frequent trips to the hospital for Seth.

The game is great and i really enjoy playing it, Seth's not so sure because of the split screen game play when playing on multiplayer. This only happens when you venture to far apart which works out great for me because in the 1st game Seth would rush off to far usually trapping me under a flight of stairs or round a corner,very frustrating.

The game contains a wide variety of characters not included in the first game such as wonder woman, green lantern, superman and the flash i haven't played it enough yet to know if there are any new villains but there are 50 characters to unlock in total.

The game has the added bonus of a free roaming open-world environment which you can run or drive about in for as long as you like. great for children with a short attention span that get bored after 5 minutes. Also like all the other Batman games there's an option on the pause screen to drop in and out of the game mid level which if like me you have lots of other things going on around the house ie younger children to watch over, keeping an eye on dinner cooking is perfect because you can drop out, do what youve got to do and jump back in without affecting the game play.

This Lego game is the first to have the characters voices which is great because i didnt fully understand what was going on between the levels of the last game so i just ended up flicking through them as soon as i could. There's a lot better story line on this game.

The only negative thing Ive got to say about the game is that the DS version is really short and i had all the levels completed in no time so i was a little disappointed, hopefully i wont feel the same about the Xbox version but time will tell on that one.

I'm off now to continue my game, I'm sure Mrs M is going to wonder why I'm not in bed, I haven't heard Opeie wake up for a feed much so it looks at least like she has got a better nights sleep tonight. I'm sure he will be up in the next couple of hours so ill have to find something to entertain him ( If by that time i can manage to keep my eyes open).

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