Saturday 4 August 2012

"You're a wanted man, Peter Parker. "

Since i started the Super Hero Squad collection and wrote my First Post i have found myself really obsessing about certain packs of them, at the moment its the Captain America and Avengers Movie sets as i don't have any of them. These have only moved in to first place of my must have list today as i had a delivery this morning and now finally own the Amazing Spider-man movie sets that were pretty much dominating my eBay searching over the last few weeks.

I'm still surprised I'm so into these as Ive never really been that interested in smaller action figures but its still the fact of the variety of characters you can actually get. Plus Opeie really loves playing with Seth's ones that arn't boxed away. I think when i wrote my Second Post was when my obsessing was at its worst. i was literally searching eBay 10 times a day for 'Super hero squad' in hope that a rare find would pop up for 99p or something. I think this was mainly fueled by the fact that Mrs M had managed to find 4 hulk boxes and won them in one lot for 99p. yes she's a legend!

Since i wrote the Third Post my compulsive behavior has died down a little but this in only because were saving for a holiday and other things. Most of my items are brought with money i make on eBay selling unwanted bits around the house so its not to bad, i very rarely use our money. Both me and Mrs M are Hoarders so there's always something to get rid of.

Seeing the film made me want to get hold of them even more, these will be great toys to own in years to come and Ive managed to get quite a collection together so far.

I'm sure there will be many many more Super Hero squad posts as I'm always looking to bulk out my collection. i cant wait for Opeie to start really getting into all the other characters so i can explain who they all are, but then again there's always the chance he wont be as excited about them as Seth was when i first introduced them to him. Time will tell on that one i guess. It does work in our favour that he always wants to get involved in what were doing though. and he's desperate to get into some super hero costumes. Plus so far he's Spider-Man and Hulk crazy so it should keep me in the toy purchasing for at least a few more years.

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