Thursday 16 August 2012

"I'm late, I'm late, For a very important date..."

Mrs M's Motherly instincts are in overdrive at the moment as there has been four new additions to our ever growing family leaving the pitter patter of tiny feet once more.  Thankfully i am not talking about four new children, although i would love a huge family i think four newborns together would be more hard work than i could deal with especially already having Seth and Opeie. I am in fact talking about the the four new bunnies that our Rabbit Brobee gave birth to this time last week.

As selfish as it sounds Mrs M has had to deal with the new additions as ive got issues with dealing with that sort of thing. I think it stems back from my hamster dying a while back, i was quite attatched to Cheesecake, probably sounds silly but ive just always kept away from pets in general since then but Mrs M really wanted the rabbits and she is more than happy to deal with that side of things. Its nice for the boys to have pets though.

 Despite this the babies are beautiful and when they were first born looked like little baby hippo's. Unfortunately one of them is really struggling at the moment and were not sure their going to make it but Mrs M is doing everything she can to keep the little one warm and fed. It seems she has not been feeding off Brobee and is looking very dehydrated so i had to pop out yesterday to get some kitten food which Mrs M has been feeding to the poor little thing.

 Yesterday we had some freak rain here in Shropshire and the area of the hutch where the babies were was filling up with water so we had to bring our smaller hutch into the house so that we didn't lose all of the babies as their nest was starting to get very cold and wet, so they are now living in the middle of our kitchen until later today when we can sort out the hutch. Yesterday we covered the roof in one of this aluminium emergency blankets so fingers crossed it will keep any excess rain water out.

We have 2 other rabbits, Miffy and Snuffy who im feeling a little guilty about at the moment as our attentions have been permanently on Brobee and the babies. Mrs M is getting quite stressed about it all but thankfully the breeder that we got Brobee from has been great and has even been over to see them and bring some special food.

The poor little one that were having issues with is having problems keeping warm so Seth has decided that He/She is called Mr Freeze....

...I stopped writing the post at this point earlier as i had to go out and sadly Mr Freeze didn't make it, Mrs M has been very very upset as she was doing everything she could to keep him/her alive. Despite my recent comments about not wanting to deal with that side of things Mrs M was so upset that i couldn't let her deal with sorting the body out so i wrapped the poor little thing in some lovely material and made them a little coffin so tomorrow we can bury Mr Freeze.

It's so sad but thankfully the other three and mommy are all fit and well so that's something at least. There's no shortage of love and affection coming their way so im sure they will be fine.

Rest in peace Mr Freeze 9/8/2012 - 16/8/2012

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