Monday 27 August 2012

"Well you can't teach the poetry, but you can teach the craft."

There's only 1 week left of the summer holiday and both me and Mrs M are starting to get a little sad. It's so nice having Seth at home and i know Opeie is going to be unhappy when his brother isn't about during the day. As i mentioned in my last post the summer holidays can be a pretty expensive time of the year. 

We love craft in our house, you cant beat a bit of cutting and pasting. I started looking about for something interesting to keep Seth occupied especially as we have had an abundance of terrible weather this summer. An then Bat-Blog posted an article about some fun card craft.

These were great for Seth as they were pretty easy to cut out and put together (well after printing them out again when Seth cut off all the tags), they can be found on Seth's going through a batman phase at the moment so he picked two of the characters and i printed them out...

I only had beige card in the house at the time so they came out a little dark so if you do decide to have a go yourself make sure the card is white. I wanted to try something a little more detailed and obviously Marvel so i found these at ...

I clearly got into these far more than Seth, they are so addictive and the end result is great. There are plenty of characters to choose from (and not just Marvel). Theres lots of Star Wars characters, Ninja Turtles, Ghostbuster's and even Muppet's (That's right Chris you can even print out Kermit).

As you can imagine these have kept me pretty occupied on many an evening, even though they were meant to be for keeping Seth busy (I'd say he's more of a cutting and gluing kind of child). The great thing about these is there is no need for any glue or tape. all the tabs slot into the holes made. The instructions and the 'cut lines' are very clear so there's little chance of error.

Since making these Bat-blog added another post with print out card craft at mypaperheroes which i have just started. These are going to take a bit longer to make though and you need tape/glue for these. I've been having issues with my double sided sticky tape. The finished item does look amazing though so watch this space. If i can find time i would like to make all of the Avengers.

I'm always on the hunt for interesting craft idea's so if any of you guys out there know of any then please message me with ideas and me and the boys will have a go for you.


Chris said...

Brilliant, they look fantastic - I will get in the muppets next!

I will try and find the link, but I've seen another site doing movie and tv stars in the same style.

Unknown said...

I've heard that Star Wars may get a 'boooo, hiss' from Pauly, but they have some awesome Star Wars paper craft (and more!) on this link that Seth might like! Star Wars Activities I made some really cute Yoda and Chewie card craft mini-boxes for Reilly's birthday party, but I can't find the link to them at the moment! In the meantime, I will be looking up some of the Marvel characters myself!
Cathy @ Excalibur

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks for the info i will check those out now. im mot really into star wars but seth loves it so if it makes him happy it makes me happy.