Wednesday 29 August 2012

"the beast lies somewhere in the stump, choose a passage"

After my post a few days back about Opeie's eating habits ("Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon." ). I decided to go out and buy a few of the products that we had found online in the hope of saving our poor Cream carpets. Asda have got one of their Parent and Baby events on at the moment and as if by chance many of the items from the Nuby I Monster range were included in this. Obviously it was meant to be so i added a few items to my basket.

After mentioning it in my last post i had to purchase the I Monster Snack Keeper (the one that made me think of the Woodbeast from Flash Gordon) and give it a try. Weve been having real difficulty over the last few weeks with feeding Opeie, brought on by his larger back teeth coming through. I know it's happened to all of us already but i cant even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it is for him, poor little thing.

He's really lost his appetite which has been stressing Mrs M out. I on the other hand am a little more laid back about it. One of the moms at the school once said to me "no one ever starved next to a full pot" which i guess is very true, the food is always there just at the moment he's not eating loads. Plus to be fair he's still feeding from Mrs M too so we know he's well fed in that sense.

Well lunch time came round and we unleashed the new tableware onto our unsuspected child. Our little Flash Gordon wasnt at all scared by the Woodbeast and shoved his hand straight in. Our snack of choice for the Monster Snack keeper was cheerios... Opeie loves them. Their slightly sticky and when thrown off the high chair can end up as a permanent fixture to the rug. This item completely stopped that (i did the probably typical dad thing and threw it about a little to really test its worth and i wasn't disappointed). The rubber teeth are soft enough for your child's hand to easily get to the snack yet firm enough to not let anything get out when dropped. I will be testing this with maybe raspberries tomorrow to see how that goes.

Opeie really loved this bowl and at one point was even trying to feed him some fresh fruit (obviously concerned that the little monster wasnt getting his 5 a day.

The second item i picked up in the supermarket was the I Monster Toddler Feeding Bowl i was instantly drawn in by the very high sides which obviously is great for the prevention of any unwanted spillages. It resembles a free standing roll top bath. Mrs M made a comment about bathing our new baby bunnies in there for fun... I had to resist the temptation of a cute photo opportunity (our boy will be eating out of it after all). It is a great sturdy plastic bowl and it really put a smile on Opeies face.

The third item i brought was the I Monster Toddler Feeding Plate and to be honest i brought this mainly on the fact it looked so fun. We already have some low sided plastic feeding bowls that are roughly the same size and shape but i really loved the design on this and it was nice to go with the set. Plus one of Opeie's favourite words at the moment is 'teeth' and there's plenty of those to point at.

Opeie ate loads better during this meal and i honestly believe that it was because of the bowls especially the Monster Snack Keeper as he was excitedly putting his hand in and then was eating eating his find quickly so that he could shove his hand back in again. Were really hoping that it continues so that Mrs M can relax a little.

On the whole the range is great the only way i could improve on the design myself would be to add a sucker to the base as although the high sides lessened the spillages Opeie was still able to pick the bowls up and move them about which as we know as parents can sometimes end in food being catapulted across the room.

Well it turns out that rather than being scary the woodbeast instead caused excitement and intrigue and our poor teething boy finally having a full tummy, Thanks Nuby.


Anonymous said...

love the new plates etc!!!! SO colourful, match his babygrow and high chair! xxx

Mary said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for a while, I love seeing what you and your family get upto! It's lovely to see a dad so kean.

How is your son's teething now? Also---- can you send me your contact address to redtbars AT THANK YOu!!!! xxxxx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

hi mary,

i have sent you an email, always nice to hear that people have been reading for a while. look forward to hearing back from you x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks, i thought they looked great against the high chair too. i do like a bit of colour xx

Katie J said...

hello. I've been following your Blog from the NUBY Facebook page, and have gone out and bought these since reading about them. I LOVE the Monster pot and the bath shaped bowl. they're so fun! My sons love them also... they are 18months! Have you got anything else from the range? I LOVE the girls range, it's so pretty and fun.

Marie. said...

nuby just posted this on their Facebook..... have you seen it?

I love your blog, have you got any other reviews of Nuby stuff? The Twisty Bugz look interesting... and i like the teething ring.

Love your blog. Marie.

jane said...

love the blog. Nuby fan here also!

momaK said...

loving the style of your blog... so fun and fresh. Kate from Newcastle

GiftsFromThePirates said...

hi marie,

My partner spotted it this morning, thank you.I did write a post about the teether:

although i think it was more personal post than a review. it is great though and so far has been the only teether that has been used continuously so im happy with that. Id not seen the twisty bugz teether but opeie would love that as he is a huge Bee Movie fan. It may be my next purchase then

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Glad you enjoy the blog its always nice to hear from people that read it.
Thank you

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the comment, its nice to hear that the actual look of the blog is liked. I have thought about changing it a few times.
Thanks for reading x