Friday 31 August 2012

"When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not."

Seth is very excited today because he is going out for dinner with William (his best friend), William's brother Matthew and their parents as a birthday celebration for Williams 6th. When these boys are at school they are inseperable and can be seen walking about with their arms round each other pretending to be a  two headed monster.

If you have been reading the blog for a while then you know that William is Star Wars mad so much so that i dont think he likes anything else and is forever filling seth's head with his Jedi nonesense. (yes I'm not really a fan, especially of the clone wars its just annoying) that in mind and views aside we still had to find a fitting present for the young padawan.

Back in June it was Matthew's birthday and Seth was invited to his party, Obviously another Star Wars Geek we brought him a 13" Chewbacca figure that i had spotted...

Chewbacca went down a treat and we were told by Matthew that it goes everywhere with him, including the toilet. (well wookiee's have to tinkle too).

Me and Seth were discussing what to get William for his birthday and we came to the decision that Chewbacca should never be left on his own so i went on a mission to get hold of his human counterpart Han Solo. After a couple of weeks of looking i found him and he began his journey to our home from the states.

Seth loved the figure so hopefully William will love it too, Seth asked if we could get him a little something else so we decided to get him some Top Trumps too (Star Wars of course). Seth loves playing Top Trumps so im sure he will be loking forward to playing with William.

we didn't have any appropriate wrapping paper so Seth told me to cut up one of his Clone Wars annuals and use the pages as in his words "I'm not really a fan of Clone Wars" (it was like music to my ears). Didn't turn out as nice as when we wrapped Matthews present but still looked great.

We were going to go shopping for a fun Star Wars card for William but Seth said he wanted to make him one so he picked a few of his figures and sat down to draw (i bet you can guess who they are).

Happy birthday Chicken Nugget we hope you have a great day with lots of great (star wars) toys.


Mrs S said...

happy birthday to william. You guys will have fun! Love Mrs S

Lauren said...

How thoughtful!!!!!! I bet you'll have a great time. Sent from iPhone.