Thursday 16 August 2012

"Who cares about the clouds when we're together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather."

There was always something quite magical when i was younger about taking my action figures outside and playing with them in the grass, especially if the grass was a little longer than it should have been. I used to tie string on the handle of my bedroom window and peg the other end into the grass outside so that i could get my Star Wars figures to zip wire out it was so much fun.

Once outside i would dig holes and put my figures in them and fill them back in, leaving them only visable from the waist up and sometimes just the arm, leaving the garden looking like a battlefield of fallen soldiers. This i only did with the few figures i had duplicates of or ones that i wasn't emotionally attatched to. Seth has a collection of Action man dolls for doing just that which i have brought from various charity shops. Theres always action men in our local Charity shops, Seth's not bothered about them which makes them great for playing with outside and perfect for targets when we have the Nerf guns out.

We had brought Opeie and Seth an Imaginext van each from Toys R Us which we had put away for Christmas but it seems that now Mrs M is more impatient than me about giving the boys their toys. So after some VERY good behavior from Seth including always looking after his little brother and being generally lovely, Mrs M decided we should give him a treat from the pirates, So we put the van somewhere in plain sight and Mrs M said "i think i just heard the waves" (this is how we let Seth know that we think the pirate ship has been) so excitedly he ran off round the house searching for his booty.

Well as always Seth was very appreciative of his gift and looked up into the sky and said "thank you pirates" in a very jolly voice. The weather was lovely so we got a blanket and took all the Batman toys out in to the garden, and due to some lazyness on my part the grass was slightly longer than it should have been... Excellent.

I always think that when your playing with your toys outside it makes the role playing more realistic and who doesn't love sitting out side when the weather is nice. Plus you have the added bonus of random vines and plants that can wrap around figures stopping them in their tracks, great if your playing as poison ivy. Everything in the garden can be part of our play. climbing frame, slide, the figures can even grapple to the washing line and then crawl across it. The possibilities are endless.

When Seth wrote his last post (allow me to break the ice my name is freeze...) he mentioned his hammer car which i realised at the time he had had for a while but it hadn't been mentioned in any of my imaginext posts. He is right though it does look a little like a shoe. Its great for beating down the caped crusader though (it always seems to be the good guys taking a beating).

Opeie really enjoyed playing outside with all the toys although he has a tendancy to throw things about so when we packed up to go in i was left hunting around the garden for figures. As usual the Batcave had been taken over by villains and Batman and Robin had been locked up in Arkham Asylum. I have a feeling Seth is going to end up being a fan of the baddies like me. Especially when it comes to DC as the villains have so much more depth to them. 

When we went to see Batman live last year the Joker completely stole the show and Batman was left just looking like an extra in 'Joker Live' but that's a post for another time.

I'm quite sure there will be another Imaginext post soon as its all the boys want to play with at the moment, although i am waiting for star wars to rear its ugly head again. I'm hoping i have a few weeks before Seth's back at school and Williams Jedi talk starts influencing Seth again.

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