Friday 14 December 2012

"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone."

I had a really nice surprise at the school today. To most people i don't think they would have been that bothered about it but i thought it was really sweet. I dropped Seth off as i always do and stayed by the door to wave at him after he has put his bag and coat in his locker. Some days i find myself standing there for a little longer and watching him in his classroom as i find it really interesting how he seems to interact with everyone in the class.

Today was one of those days, he waved goodbye and then i watched as his friends came over to him and started dishing out Christmas cards. When i was Seth's age at school there was a red post box by the school hall (like the royal mail ones you sometimes still see in the street) over Christmas and when you had written your Christmas cards you posted them in the post box and the school sorted them out and had some one deliver them to each child like a postman (it was very exciting).

Anyway back to the story... as i was about to leave i heard Seth shout my name and i turned around and Seth was clutching a handful of cards from his friends. He said 'ive got lots of cards and there's one here for you'. At first i thought it was really strange i mean who's going to be writing me a card? I assumed it was going to be off Seth's TA Miss Short but then, it only had my name on not Mrs M's.

I opened the card and was shocked to find that it was from one of the children in Seth's class. I now officially feel like one of the cool parents. I haven't really spoken to the boy much but i did speak to him a little when i went on the school trip. I just though it was such a nice gesture from a child.

Anyway thank you Brooklyn and merry Christmas you really made my morning.

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