Thursday 13 December 2012

"The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail."

In keeping with my recent post about boys and pink, Opeie being the glamour queen that he is, on a recent trip to asda he took an instant shine to a pair of wellies. They have some great Spider-man wellies in at the moment, they even have some great Avengers wellies in too. Opeie being Opeie though decided on something a little different. i think he wants to be a bit more cutting edge. Plus... (if you remember the post) it may be because they will go nicely with his pearls?! Ive said it many times before, it's all about accessorising!

Opeie wore them out of Asda and barely took them off for the next two days. It was so cute watching him all excited running around wearing them. In fact for the first two days he fell asleep wearing them. (i wish i had got a picture of him for the post).

There was an incident last week when he wore his new fancy boots to Birmingham and we realised one was missing as he was in the baby carrier. Luckily i didn't have to follow my tracks to far to find poor Peppa lying by the side of the road.

I really love that he picked pink wellies, he's so much like me. Id love to wear more pink but as Ive got older Ive definitely become more reserved. It may not be the way a lot of dad's would be but i will always encourage him to wear the things that he wants to wear and anyway i think he look fabulous!!


MerrySwedePrints said...

pink shoes rock!!! Go Baby! x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

if they had them in my size i'd get matching ones. thanks for reading, hope youve had a great christmas x

Marsha Beinseinz said...

That;s great!!!!!! How unique is he?! Love the way he wears sweat bands too i've seen on your blog! x