Wednesday 19 December 2012

"Let the little fairy in you fly!"

Since being chosen by Nuby as there Dad blogger they have sent us some great things for Seth and Opeie to play with and it has been a lot of fun for them. We had brought some Nuby products before i started writing for them so when they sent me a few products that we already had i thought it would be nice to send them on to someone else who would appreciate them. The first person that came to mind was my friends Emma and Dave and their little boy Euan.

We sent them the iMonster feeder and plate (which Opeie loves) and a dribble bib. Emma said that when the package arrived and Euan saw what was inside he was really excited and before they even got to take them out of the packaging he was happy just playing with them (I'm happy playing with things that are brightly coloured too). Although the imonster feeder is meant for mess free child snacks Euan was happier posting things into it's mouth (much like Opeie when he kept feeding his fruit). Emma said that she had found many interesting items outside in the rain that had been posted through the cat flap. (kids are great).

Weve not really had much use for Opeie's dribble bibs as he is not much of a dribbler but Euan looks great wearing his and although he has lots already they really liked the Nuby design

Well Euan looks really happy with his new tableware and it's lovely to see him sharing his food with Daddy, Opeie likes to share his food too, unfortunately he likes to chew his first, Lucky me.

Thanks Emma,Dave and especially Euan for trying out the things and thank you so much for the great photo's. Theres nothing quite like pictures of a happy family. We really hope you have an amazing Christmas.

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