Sunday 30 December 2012

"How often has the Christmas tree, Afforded me the greatest glee!"

It was a Christmas build up of craft this year which we have all loved. Weve also made a few Lego gifts too which has been lots of fun. This year our friend Chris has really helped Mrs M out with some work related things. So to say an early thank you i decided to make Chris and Michelle a decoration for their tree. After making the one for our tree a few months back this one ended up being a lot easier as i had the first one to work from.

I had no idea what colour scheme their tree was so i decided to make the decoration using as many different colours as i could find. Chris and Michelle put their tree up a week or so in to December and opened the present the morning after.

Chis messaged me soon after to say he loved it and that it had taken pride of place on their tree. It's not the sort of gift everyone would appreciate but i knew these guys would. I'd like to see if i can get hold of transparent pieces next year as i think that would make a more delicate looking decoration. I'm sure i will start looking into that on the build up to next Christmas.

Chris being the gent that he is, kindly took a few pictures of the decoration for me to use on the post, it looked great on the tree. I think i left the post a bit late to write though as they have now taken their tree down. But at least when then get it out again next year they can think about us.

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