Friday 28 December 2012

"Feeling poorly... nothing some family fun can't sort out"

I think that yesterday was the most ill I've felt in a long time and it was really getting me down. When you haven't got many responsibilities you can just shut yourself off from the rest of the world and get over your illness. When you have children though things are completely different. I slept on the sofa again the previous night to give Mrs M and Opeie a break from my coughing and sneezing.

At 6am Mrs M brought Opeie in to me after having a rough night with no sleep too. This usually is my favourite time of the morning getting to spend some 'boy time' with Opeie, but this morning I was no good to anyone and that's the thing i hate about being ill the most, not being 100% for the boys. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often, poor Opeie was in a playful mood and I could barely move. I did manage to build a Batcave though that Santa had brought yesterday which I thought was good going considering the state of me.

Mrs M as usual has been an angel, looking after me, making sure I'm Ok and bringing in medicine when it was due which has been nice. We had planned to go to see Mrs M's folks on the evening and as the hours went by i realised that i wasn't going to be well enough to go. So i dropped Mrs M and the boys round and headed home. I know a lot of people like having a bit of time to themselves but on the rare occasion that this happens i really don't like it. Me and Mrs M do everything together and I'm always with the boys so being away from them just seems wrong.

I'd only been home about 15 minutes when Mrs M phoned and said that everyone said it wasn't the same without me and she wanted me to come and join them. It seems that Mrs M feels the same as me So i jumped in the car and headed back to see them all and I'm really glad i did. When i got there karaoke was just getting started, it was a night for singing grandads and Seth was clutching the microphone for dear life.

We all had a mini sing song and it was lovely to see everyone with smiles on there faces. Some more than others, Nanny Roo was having the time of her life... which was very lovely to see because Nanny Roo has had a very difficult few months and has been very brave indeed......

I'm glad i decided to go back as it was a lot of fun and was nice to see family that we don't see that often...

It all got a bit competitive with Mrs M's family later in the night when they switched on the 'Who want's to be a millionaire' game. Seth saw it as his chance though to whisk auntie Lottie away from the crowd to play his Lego game that we got for Christmas off our friends Chris and Michelle...

The food was fantastic and the company was very entertaining as always, i feel really lucky that these lovely people are part of my life. It was a lovely unwind to Christmas day.

Christmas has been great so far this year (apart from feeling ill of course) and as Mrs M so rightly pointed out yesterday, Christmas isn't over till new years so weve got a few days left yet to enjoy the festivities and hopefully ill get a break and shake of this nasty cold.

( Hello It's Mrs M, I'd just like to say I'm so glad Pauly came to the party, as Christmas is for spending time with the ones you love most, and I sure love him! )

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