Tuesday 4 December 2012

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

Just in case you were wondering, i didn't forget Mrs M this year when it came to the Christmas advent calenders. Last year if you remember i made a Dick Bruna book advent after tracking down many of the rare books that were missing from her collection. This year isn't as cute in comparison but there is definitely something for each day and its something i knew she would appreciate.

For the last month or so Mrs M has been going on about candles, she loves a good candle especially Yankee candles. When we were in Florida earlier in the year we went into Yankee candle to get Laura's mom some candles and i think that she could have stayed in there the whole day.

This year i decided to buy a different flavoured candle for each day and Mrs M really loved it. We have 'cherries on snow' burning at the moment and its making the house smell lush. I'm looking forward to the 'Christmas Tree' or 'French Lavender'.

There's plenty of Christmas ones this year so our house is going to smell lovely all over the festive period. Im starting to get really excited about Christmas day now, its only been the last few years that i have really started to appreciate what it's all about. Having a family has really changed everything and those 3 little Christmas angels have really changed my life.

I'm another festively plump, bearded man that's going to be very jolly this Christmas.

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