Saturday 1 June 2013

"A lot of news is just entertainment masquerading as news."

 Ive been a lazy bugger this week with our blogging, the typical British weather and not getting to do the things i had planned destroyed my motivation for writing. Because of this, of an evening i have been found with my feet up catching up on movies i haven't got round to watching and having a cuddle with Mrs M (So not all bad). I was going to be Uber lazy and catch up with a series of pictures but i owe it to my readers to get on with it. So with that in mind....

Tonight on Pirates news...
What happens when a family is forced to boycott their plans when extreme weather hits shropshire? (ok maybe not extreme but this is the news so there needs to be some exaggeration!) Stay tuned and find out more throughout the show. 

But first, It seems that Batman has had to downsize his collection of vintage and antique motor vehicles. His new edition, a blue Vauxhall Corsa was seen in a carpark by Seth sparking excitement amongst the boys. Im not sure the Dark knight will be getting the respect he deserves since downsizing his iconic Batmobile.

In local news builders have been busy indoors early this week attempting to recreate the characters from the show Yo Gabba Gabba, the activity was organised to help out with the on going training of the youngest builder in the family. Plans have been put in to motion to completely integrate Lego in to his playtime within the next 6 months.

This Just In....

The streets of Norbury were buzzing with excitement this week when Mrs M, inappropriately dressed for British weather decided to make the most of Pauly's jumper , flipped it upside down and slid her legs in to it. Needless to say jumper and hoodie sales have sky rocketed throughout the county forcing many business' to shut their shops unable to keep up with the high demand.

There has been a sighting in Shropshire of the Loch Ness monster. After talks this week about Myths and Monsters with Seth (as it's his new favourite topic) and the introduction to Walking with Dinosaurs, River Monsters and Family-Ness for Opeie friendly viewing the Mythical Monster usually found in the Scottish Loch was seen enjoying the peaceful surroundings of Priorslee lake. Answering that age old question 'what have they been putting in the water in Shropshire'. Well even moster's need a holiday.

There was trouble in Cosford this week when Seth and Opeie discovered that 'Star Wars' wasn't as original as they had thought, while taking in the sights Seth noticed a name he knew all to well, Sadly there was no sign of Luke Skywalker anywhere...

...But they didn't let that spoil their day and neither did the torrential rain that started an hour in to their visit. The trip also spurred on another build.

Well that was today's Pirate news. More from the goings on in Shropshire to follow including 'what happens in the school holiday when the sun finally decides to come out'. Anyway until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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