Monday 17 June 2013

Building an indestructible child friendly phone case from Lego wasn't as easy as i thought.

I seem to go through phone cases like their going out of fashion ( I know I even surprised myself with how boring this post started off but stick with me). The boys always manage to tear the silicone parts or I just destroy them being to heavy handed. After breaking my current one two weeks ago I vowed never to buy another one. A few days back while playing Lego with Opeie I thought 'I wonder if I could make one out of Lego?'. I Googled it to check out my competition and found a load of basic Lego boxes with an iPhone shoved In them, I could do better than that... Couldn't i?

It took me a day of tinkering on and off and a late night but I ended up impressing myself with the outcome even if Ms M thought it was hilarious.

It was never going to be slimline but it ended up looking a lot less bulky than other attempts I have seen on the net. It does resemble a yellow brick but after gluing all the pieces together it has turned out to be the best toddler friendly phone I have seen and is virtually indestructible (just what I need having a child that 'hulk smashes' everything in his path). I'd love to say it was easy to make but having to rummage through many large boxes of Lego for single tiny parts was a ball ache.

My phone goes missing a lot and is always found dead (thanks Mrs M), but this cover acts as a detergent because she now doesn't want to use it. It isn't just a Lego box though you can get at every button and port needed with Lego doors that open (I know, genius right?). It took some time but I also built it with the bricks facing up all the way round so that it can be personalised day by day to suit my mood. Today's design... A space invaders alien (retro).

Seth thought it was absolutely amazing and has commissioned me to make one for his DS (not sure how that will turn out though). The boys love building on it too, yesterday Seth transformed it in to a car with mini figures driving it. People in the street are probably wondering what I have stuck to the side of my head but I think it compliments my eccentric personality. Mrs M can't believe I'm using it and says it looks like its from the early 90's, I just see that as a compliment. I think I might attempt a working clock for the house next but we'll see.

Also check out my Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Lego iphone cover.


Laura G (Petit Moi - Big World) said...

That's amazing!

I honestly started reading this expecting it to be something you'd bought! I'd have gone nuts trying to find all of the right sizes and then finding the right moving parts to get access to the ports etc. Very impressed

The Fiance agrees that it looks like the sort of weird retro things you can buy these days, and that it's very cool!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Wow, thank you,
It was a bit of a pain finding all the small parts. Ive gone one step better though which i will write about this weekend. The new one is even more eccentric (maybe a little over the top).
Thanks for reading xxx

Anonymous said...

You must have the patience of a saint - Lego is frustrating . I know a fellow who uses train wheels on normal cars as he's so fed up of looking for normal wheels. Well done you !

Natural.Vegan.Eco.Mom said...

Haha !!!! You make me giggle :)